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 Massage Therapy

 Individual Sessions:

Ninety Minutes $95.00

One Hour $65.00


Relaxation Massage- Relaxation Massage is also known as a Swedish Massage. It is usually a full body massage that assists in deep relaxation and the management of stress, anxiety, depression, pain, stiffness, headaches, aids in regulating blood pressure, boosts immunity and promotes overall well being. This gentle and flowing massage also enhances circulation in the body and aids in eliminating unwanted toxins.


Deep Tissue Massage- If you are someone who suffers from chronic pain such as arthritis, muscle inflammation, or even a bad back, a deep tissue massage can help alleviate some of the pain. Many people have reported that deep tissue massages have proven to be more effective and useful than daily prescriptions or other medications. The firm pressure eases the pain and alleviates tension, loosening tightness and buildups of painful lactic acid which accumulates in the muscles with repeated stress. When done regularly, a deep tissue massage is a great alternative for someone who is not interested in prescription drug use for pain management.


Prenatal Massage- Prenatal Massage is a natural therapy aimed at alleviating unwanted symptoms that can be associated with pregnancy such as: backaches, headaches, muscle tension, pelvic/hip pain, poor circulation, fatigue, swelling, sciatic nerve problems and anxiety. In a healthy pregnancy, mothers-to-be greatly benefit from regular massage therapy.


Medical Treatment Massage


This service is billed directly to your health insurance provider, auto injury claim, or L&I claim and does not follow the same fee structure as other massage therapy.


Massage can play a key role in injury rehabilitation. Medical Treatment Massage is used to correct poor range of motion, realign fascia, balance muscle tone, break up scar tissue and more. By increasing circulation and relaxing the muscles, massage helps the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs.



Spa Treatments



 Hot Stone Massage

 Ninety Minutes $120.00

One Hour $85.00

 Heated basalt stones are placed on the body and incorporated into a relaxation massage for the ultimate relief in chronically tense muscles. The penetrating heat also helps to relieve chronic pain without the need to use deep pressure.

 Not recommended for pregnancy or clients with high blood pressure.


Anti-Aging Botanical Facial Massage

 Thirty Minutes $45.00

 Gentle botanical based products are used in a facial massage to aid in cleansing, detoxifying, firming and hydrating the skin. Rosemary steamed towels and a neck and shoulder massage are also included in this truly relaxing service.

 This service does not include extractions, manual or chemical exfoliation.


Buff and Bronze

 Ninety Minutes $85.00

 Perfect for a special occasion! This body treatment combines a full body exfoliation with a head to toe application of an all natural aloe vera based body bronzing lotion. An ideal alternative to uneven spray tans and the harmful UV rays of tanning beds. Your bronzer is then buffed to complete perfection and will leave you with a natural looking sun kissed glow for about a week.


Lavender and Sweet Orange Body Scrub

 Seventy Five Minutes $80.00

Together, earthy lavender and fresh sweet orange essential oils provide the ultimate in relaxation.  Combined with the healing properties of Dead Sea Salt, this full body scrub is an instant pick me up!  This scrub includes steamed aroma infused towels and a massage application of intense moisturizers.


Coconut Body Wrap

 Ninety Minutes $95.00

 Experience a full body dry brush skin exfoliation. Melted coconut butter is then painted onto your body before being wrapped up into warm sheets and blankets. While your body seeps in the moisture, you will be pampered with an aromatherapy facial and scalp massage. The coconut butter is then massaged into your body, leaving your body silky smooth and fully rejuvenated.

 Not recommended for pregnancy or those who suffer from claustrophobia.


Blackberry Fig Foot Treatment

 Thirty Minutes $45.00

 Refresh and revive your tired feet! This treatment begins with a foot scrub made from organic cane sugar, blackberry seeds, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E to heal, soothe, soften and moisturize your feet. Steamed towels and a detoxifying moor mud cooling foot mask are then applied. This service is concluded with a customized foot reflexology massage and an application of a rich fig leaf foot creme.


Service Upgrades

Choose any upgrade for $10

  • Aroma Infused Steamed Towels
  • Paraffin Hand Treatment
  • Sinus Relief Facial Massage
  • Peppermint Scalp Massage


 Prices are subject to change without notice

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